TTC training method explained

The Bloom Taxonomy

Tug Training & Consultancy (TTC) promotes safe and efficient tug operations by providing integrated training to all. Our training courses and consultancy services are all based around awareness and understanding of the complete picture. By consistently educating and training every link in the chain, TTC brings greater safety and efficiency to tug operations all over the world.

Knowledge & Comprehension

Because TTC’s training courses impart such a deep level of knowledge and understanding, ensuring this learning really sticks is just as important as what is being taught and trained. TTC uses a training method based on Bloom’s taxonomy, a structured technique

which requires students to repeatedly demonstrate improved skills and full understanding of previous lessons and exercises. This ensures all the information and know-how to apply it as well as the skillset to perform it. Learning is thorough and genuine.


SKA (Attitude, Knowledge, Skills) are the abilities and characteristics that enables someone to accomplish the activities described in a task. In a learning environment, cognitive, psychomotor, & affective are SKA counterparts that identify end states of training (objectives).

Application of skills

Accordingly, all those who complete the course will be competent to work in full harmony with their vessel, rather than having to rely on pre-determined ‘tricks’ or procedures from a user manual. This results in a far greater level of competency and efficiency, which significantly improves safety and reduces stress.

Becoming competent

TTC’s training technique and simulation practice is implemented with a positive coaching approach which enables students to overcome any individual difficulties. This results in all trainees emerging with genuine ability and a high degree of confidence.

Learning by doing

TTC complements classroom sessions with use of state-of-the-art simulators, so a realistic environment can be provided to safely practice every kind of manoeuvre, in every eventual situation. Trainees become properly familiarised with the feeling of operating the vessel as they put theory into practice. Linking of multiple simulators introduces a fully interactive element which challenges competency in every circumstance and from every member of the team involved in ship manoeuvring.

For the finishing touch, TTC has a real training tug available on which trainees can put learning into practice. We are the only training institute to offer this first-hand experience. Our training tug is a small-sized tug with a length of 15 meters and a 10-tonne bollard pull, which can be used for real towage operations as well as training Rotortug, ATD and ASD captains.